Our Story


How it all started

We’re a team of friends from Australia who have grown up hearing stories of the atrocities our Uyghur family & friends have been through. Their ongoing reality of racism, censorship, oppression, and imprisonment.

Since the Uyghur situation has escalated to to point of internment camps, we noticed more people asking “what can we do to help?” Unable to provide a clear answer, we were compelled to action.

So we started Uyghur Atlas. A way to celebrate Uyghur culture and sustainably raise money for a cause we care about. 100% of profits are donated to World Uyghur Congress.

Our intention is to:

  1. Spread awareness on the realities of the Uyghur situation

  2. Share an important part of Uyghur culture with you - the atlas pattern

  3. Raise money to support the crucial advocacy work of the World Uyghur Congress

…supporters of human rights everywhere ought to be outraged at China’s attempted extermination of an indigenous people’s culture and religion.
— Washington Post

About the shirt

Designed by our team and printed on ethically made shirts. The fabric is a soft and stretchy combed cotton that comes only in black, for both men and women.

The shirt features Uyghur atlas (which is a form of ikat), a traditionally handwoven pattern on silk. Atlas is worn by Uyghur men and women and embodies their wisdom and history; a connection to their vibrant past and hope for a bright future.